Life Energy Workshop

Learning objectives

In this workshop you will learn more about your Life Energy: how to beat distraction and become more productive by managing your energy instead of your time, how to form a healthy habit, and how to reach the ultimate goal of human beings – be happy in your personal life and at work.

The learning quest is structured in 3 main sections: 1) Distraction and Productivity; 2) The habits, and 3) The Ultimate Goal: be happy. If you’re only interested in one of these modules, feel free to click on the menu and it will lead you to the correct information.

Every section consists of some (theoretical) information and exercises. However, not everyone likes every exercise to the same degree. Feel free to choose which exercise you think will help you the most. There are different ways to make the exercises. First, we have made a worksheet with all the different exercises and their templates. You can download this and fill it in when you do the exercises. Secondly, you can also just make them on a sheet of paper or in your head. We advise you to write the answers down since this will help you memorize and utilize better the knowledge and skills acquired from your learning adventure.

Distraction and Productivity

What destructs us
Take control over distractions
Productivity is…
Time for exercises – rule your productivity

The habits

What is a habit
How do habits work?
Time for exercises and tips – from a healthy habit
How to break a bad habit

The ultimate goal – be happy

Happiness is
Happiness at work
10 tips to be happy at work
Happiness – the fountain of energy
How to become a happy person
Time for exercises


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Enrolled: 10 students
Duration: 2 hours
Lectures: 15
Level: Beginner
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