Technologies are all over us. They help in work, leisure time, in connection to each other, in measurement of different indicators, in relationships, sports – everywhere. And while all of these gadgets, apps, and technologies have made our lives simpler, more efficient, and more connected, is there such a thing as too much technology or being too digital? Experts are divided on the answer. They also are divided on what this could mean for the future well-being of the nations. Technology can be as addicting as it helpful. We prepare a list of useful apps, helping you to find “yours” regarding nutrition, yoga, fitness, relaxation, activity tracking, sleep etc., but use the apps wisely and moderately.

Useful Apps

Read our guide for some useful apps, divided by several categories

Device-Free Time

Today, when so much work and leisure time involve staring at screens, we can see a different struggle arising: a struggle to find a healthy balance between technology and the physical world, or, for short, “tech/body balance.” “Device-Free Time” is as important as work-life balance and you can find additional information incl. also more about “digital detox” in our Life Energy Workshop.

​Reasons to limit use of technology

​• Improving Work or Home Role performance

  1. Putting the phone on silent mode
  2. Keeping the phone out of sight

Establishing a Personal Digital Philosophy

  1. Introducing strict rules

Minimizing undesirable social behaviors

  1. Disabling push notifications
  2. Introducing penalties

Putting family and interpersonal relationships first

  1. Tracking personal connectivity
  2. Reminding what your priorities are
  3. Sharing thoughts with partner

Try small experiments:

  • Leave your phone behind when you go to lunch or take a walk.
  • Set a time limit for how long you’ll scroll.
  • Make sure that strategy aligns with your values and motivations.
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This website uses cookies and asks your personal data to enhance your browsing experience.