The elements of lifestyle

What is lifestyle?


The traditions and shared experiences of a group. Such as e.g: Holidays, music, art, …

Religion and spiritualitity

Participating in organized religion and/or pursuing spirituality


How you dress and look at fashion

Enjoyable experiences

The habit of seeking out experiences that you find personally satisfying. E.g. travel and adventure

Hobbies and activities

Pursuing your interests. Such as e.g.: Painting, hiking in nature, …


How you handle financial resources to secure them for the future


Your job and work style. Do you follow a tight schedule or do you have flexibility?


Your health level and efforts to stay or become healthy

City or country

The place where you live has an influence on your lifestyle. For example: living in a big city or in the countryside


Enjoying fictional realities. E.g. reading, watching movies, video gaming, …

Social status

Social status is more than the appearance of wealth and can include things like physical appearance or the respect you get as a family member.

Personal reflection

Taking the habit of reflecting on thoughts and ideas


Your level of physical fitness and activity, including your participation in sports and recreation


Your behavior as a consumer. E.g., a shopaholic vs. a minimalist consumer


Your perception of nature and your impact on it


How you get around. Walking or driving?


Friendship, community, family, etc.


Your dietary pattern. Such as e.g.: preparing healthy food at home vs. considering meals as a social activity


Shared expectations of behavior. Such as e.g.: politeness, kindness, respect, …
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