The elements of lifestyle

Technology: the use

Technology has become indispensable. It helps you in work, sports, measuring different indicators and it makes you constantly connected to other people. There are various gadgets, apps, and technologies that make your life easier and more efficient.

There are a lot of apps to improve your lifestyle. Discover below the different categories with some example apps! Move your mouse over the figures below.

Yoga apps

Down Dog, 5 minute Yoga, Gaia, Find what Feels Good, …

Relaxation apps

Calm, YOU, MyNoise, Insight timer, …

Nutrition apps

Water reminder, Myfitnesspal, Fatsecret, …

Sport apps

Runkeeper, 10K Runner, 30-day fitness at home, …

Work out apps

Home workout, Seven – 7-minute workout, Daily workouts

Sleep apps

Sleepcycle, sleepzy, blue light filter, …

Is there such a thing as too much technology? The experts’ answer is divided. Technology can be both addictive and useful. So use it wisely and use it in moderation.

Three reasons to limit your use of technology and how best to go about it:

It improves your performance at work or at home

  • Put your phone in silent mode
  • Keep your phone out of sight

It minimizes unwanted social behavior

  • Turn off push notifications
  • Put your smartphone in your pocket, handbag or put it away

It puts your family and interpersonal relationships first

  • Remind yourself of your priorities
  • Discuss with your partner, family, … to what extent your use of technology is bothering them. Does it undermine your relationship? Think about it yourself

Exercise: limit your used technologies
Try to write down for yourself three actions that you want to keep up during one week. Use the tips or be creative and make them up yourself. For inspiration we give you two more examples: leave your phone behind when you go to lunch and set a time limit when you are busy on your phone.

After this week, evaluate how you experienced this. Did you notice a difference? What did you notice it in? What tips do you want to keep? You will also find this exercise in the workbook.

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This website uses cookies and asks your personal data to enhance your browsing experience.