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Technology: a tool for stress





Do you experience stress? There are many apps that can help you with it. One example is ‘Kardia’. This app teaches you to deal with stressful moments, frustrations, and pain. Normally we undergo a stress process: the stress hormone prepares us for the ‘fight or flight’ response: your heartbeat accelerates, you may hold your breath, get shallow breathing, gasping for breath or hyperventilate.

The app uses a scientifically proven technique, namely the heart coherence technique. Through this technique, we turn the process around. We’re no longer a victim, but an active driver: you regulate your breathing to a slower level with the guidance of the app. This gives your brain the signal that everything is okay and it stops producing the stress hormone. In this way, your heart rate and blood pressure settle back to normal.

How does the app work?

  • Once the app is open and you see a circle, swipe your finger horizontally across the screen, that’s how you determine the duration (see the minutes in the upper right corner). Set it to 3 minutes. 
  • Now swipe vertically to change the number of cycles. Set it to 5.5. 
  • At the bottom, you have a menu with different icons.
  1. Icon 1 = mode. Set it to normal.
  2. Icon 2 = background music. You choose this.
  3. Icon 3 = vibration function. This function allows you to do the breathing exercise with your eyes closed, for example.
  4. Icon 4 = inverted V. You determine the rhythm by swiping horizontally on the bar. Setting: exhalation-inhalation: 60-40 or 65-35. Test out what feels most natural.
  5. Icon 5 and 6 are not relevant
  6. Icon 7: visualization setting: blue sphere limited within the gray circle, or over the entire screen. Set to limited within the circle.
  • Press center on the circle to start. How should you breathe? When the sphere gets bigger, you have to breathe in through your nose, when the sphere gets smaller, you have to breathe out through your mouth with your lips pursed as if you have to blow through a straw.

Do this 3 times 3 minutes a day by your own choice to learn the breathing technique. In this way, you will know the technique and you can use it preventively or during moments of stress, frustration, and pain.


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