Energy level throughout the year


The four seasons should be seen as a continuous life cycle; starting with the energy rising in the spring, reaching a peak in the summer, then gradually decreasing in the autumn, to finally become less active in the winter. Less and less you are exposed to the four seasons and this can have an impact on your sleep rhythm. Why is that?

Our modern lifestyle gives you a lot of opportunities that weren’t there before. For example, you can enjoy technologies that help you in work, sports, daily life, etc. But also the presence of heating during the winter and cooling during the summer provide more comfort. At night, the necessary artificial light is present so that you can see everything well and this for both inside and outside. All these factors ensure that you live more indoors than outdoors. This reduces your exposure to the natural seasons and limits the amount of daylight available. But natural daylight is just important for your health.

This modern lifestyle causes you to sleep later and have a shorter sleep duration. This leads to decreased cognitive performance and health outcomes such as daytime sleepiness, mood disorders, substance abuse, …. When you go camping, for example, you do get exposed to the natural light-dark cycle (day and night). Your sleep rhythm is brought forward because you are not affected by artificial light during the night. So keep in mind that the modern lifestyle can have an impact on your sleep rhythm.

Nature’s cycles have an impact on your internal health and mental well-being. Dr. Elson Haas, a well-known practitioner of seasonal lifestyle theory, gives simple, logical advice for achieving radiant good health: balance body and mind with the earth, and use a healthy diet that emphasizes the season. You’ll find some tips you can apply to your lifestyle in the following pages for each season. Do you suffer from a winter dip? Then we also provide some tips about this. Know that these are tips and you still decide which you ‘find interesting and want to try.

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