Job Demands & Resources

Your Job Resources

Not sure which job resources you have? Below you can find more information and examples of the most frequently found resources, along with some tips on how to strengthen them.

Job resources: exercise

Job resources are motivating. Aside from your personal resources, which you can learn about in the next modules, these resources help you to reach your goals, give you autonomy, and provide opportunities to learn and to relate to others. They give you energy, but also help to buffer some of the negative effects of the job demands. Below, you’ll find some actions you can do to increase some of these job resources. Which will you do next week? You’ll find some more explanation and templates in the worksheet on page 1-3. Time to make the exercise! 

Co-Worker Support

Ask co-workers for help, but also provide them with your help when needed. You can also ask your co-workers for advice and opinions.

Supervisor Support

Explain the situation clearly and what the effect will be when he/she helps or removes hindrances or ask for his/her opinion. 

Task Variety

Talk with your colleagues and try to swap little tasks to increase the variety in your job.

Person-Job Fit

Reflect on how your job fits your own goals and who you are. Talk about this with your supervisor and/or organization on how your own goals can be aligned with your job.

Learn & Develop

Reflect on the knowledge & skills you want to develop, Think about how you can learn them on the job and which training you need. 

Seek Feedback

Ask feedback from your supervisor, co-workers, mentor,… Ask for specific feedback on tasks that will enable you to grow further.

Use of Skills

List your strengths. Discuss if there are possibilities to use these in your team or propose some tasks in which you can use these skills.

Energizing Tasks

Ask and seek tasks that give you energy or that enable you to develop further.

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