Manual for Human Resource Managers

Congratulations! Your organization wants to make work of energy at work for its employees.

This version can be improved with your help! What do you like about this manual and should be retained? What do you miss in the manual? What would make the manual more attractive to use?

Please send us all your feedback via the following mailadress:

The manual consists several sections including 12 supporting tools and exercises.

Every section will guide you towards an HR policy around energy patterns and job crafting at work in seven steps.

Additionally, we can add these seven steps:

  1. Building a support case
  2. Setting up structures
  3. Analyzing the current situation
  4. Defining a strategy and setting up an action plan
  5. Taking actions to improve employees’ energy at work
  6. Evaluating the actions
  7. Adjusting and anchoring the actions

Each of these steps is more detailed within the manual, and in each step, reference is made to several tools and exercises that you can use in order to take this step.

Let your journey be inspiring and energetic.

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