User Guide

for trainers

It is easy! Let’s start!

Fill in the registration form and mark the check box “Register as Instructor”.
Fill in your degree and your expertise then click on button REGISTER

We will send to your email a notification that you have successfully registered on ActaUni. Log in and start to share your knowledge and skills with others.

Now you are registered trainer. Manage your profile here.

Your settings

Your left panel is your way to customize your profile.

Edit Profile

Edit your profile and share the details you want.

Do not forget!

Save your changes.

Add new course

You can now start uploading your own workshops.

Left pannel

Fill in duration and level


Type the title of the course. If you already have some ready made SCORM, use it.


Type your description, use attractive and simple way to present the topic. You can add also an image.

You also can add video. The platform is really very intuitive and easy to use.


Lesson title

New section

Need more sections? No problem, add new one easy!


Type FAQ and answers here, if the case. Publish the course.


Type your announcement here, if the case. Publish the course.

Edit your lesson

Want to edit your lesson? Do it easy with one click

You can add an image, video, presentations, text etc.

Lesson Settings

Here are your lesson settings

Use the option to make your course available for everyone. If you have some lesson materials, add them also. Do not forget to save the changes.

Quiz or Assignment

Build your Quiz or Assignment

You are ready! Invite people to embark on your Quest for Knowledge!

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